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How to Stay Awake While You Drive

Drowsy Driving causes 72,000 accidents per year Drooping eyelids, frequent yawns, wondering where the last few miles went are all signs that you’ve gotten drowsy behind the wheel. You may be tempted to push on. After all, you’re not that far from home. But, driving while drowsy results in 72,000 car accidents every year and […]

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Damages Injured in a Colorado auto accident  or in Wyoming?  Juries have wide discretion in awarding an amount of money to make up for what happened.  “[A] jury’s verdict will not be disturbed if there is any support for it in the record.”   Blood v. Qwest Services Corp., 224 P.3d 301, 325 (Colo. App. 2009), aff’d  252 […]

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Mental Pain and Suffering

Except for medical malpractice, noneconomic loss (such as pain, suffering and emotional distress) cannot exceed sum of $468,010 (claims accruing after January 1, 2008), unless court finds clear and convincing evidence that greater amount is justified. C.R.S. §13-21-102.5(3)(a). However, under no circumstances may noneconomic loss damages exceed $936,030 (Amounts adjusted for inflation annually and certified […]

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